I admit, the subtitle is a little misleading. Although it's true that it is never dark, the sun is only truly rising between 00:00 and 04:00.

Water Running Down the Icy Creek

Between that time, the sun sits just barely under the horizon, just waiting to get another breath of another day. It's like a shark who has just tasted blood - it'll back off its attack for a few hours and come back to strike even more viscously than before. The photo above was taken at 23:42 yesterday, and even though has been edited to exaggerate the shadows of the distant mountains, the northern midnight dawn was nothing except real. The night of the summer solstice will be a weekend, and I'm considering camping out on a cliff for a time-lapse video (no promises).

Oh, it still goes under 0C here.

So what has happened in the last week? Well, the Canadiens are out, the Blue Jays' streak has ended, and the ice is starting to break here in Pang. I noticed in Keita's blog that Pang was still covered in knee-deep snow this time last year. We're mostly clear of that, but this isn't to say that it isn't still cold - my fingers suffered much discomfort while I was trying to capture some of these shots. You know how you always forget to pack something? I skipped out on gloves. What a shame.

There are lots of Montreal fans here!

Photo from the Mountain

Abandoned Snowboard

Abandoned Life Jacket

I think most fans are taking the Canadiens' loss pretty well. I don't know if I already mentioned this, but I've only seen two Leafs fans here... everyone else cheers for the Habs. The kids are completely crazy for hockey too (I get a lot of questions about the Oilers), and they are definitely enjoying the coming summer. Last night, I played freeze tag for a few hours with some kids near the Canada Action Plan funded harbour. Although I've gained good positional awareness and speed over the past few years, my reflexes and stamina are nowhere near that of these kids'.

Kids Playing by the Harbour

Big Rocks Scatter the Landscape

Hunter Heading Out

Ice Breaking

My "work" has been coming along well! I will admit though, shopping online for things you cannot see, touch, measure, etc. (and don't have reliable spec sheets) can create quite a few headaches! But anyways, enjoy your evenings wherever you are! What they say about only wanting things when you don't have it is very true at times. Taunting me with stories of meteor showers just makes me think about the beautiful night sky more! Still, I'm not disappointed at all with the environment here. I can't wait to get out "on the land." I've been told there is still snow in areas to ski, and that many people can help me fish. Who knows, maybe I'll see a whale soon too?

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