I've always loved to wander off and become lost in the rocks and trees of the wilderness, just so I could find my way back again, and it hasn't gotten me in any danger... yet. This weekend, I explored a mountain in hopes of finding this Friday the 13th's full moon.

Inukshuk in the distance.
I thought this was the mountain top.

I left the house while the sun was setting, wanting to see the moonrise (which I tracked with the iOS app SkyView).
Because Mount Duval lied between where the moon would rise and Pang, I decided to look for a spot to peek over the mountain,
or at least get a better angle. And so I started my journey up the nameless mountain to the south-east of Pang.
I've attached a rough sketch of my path below, though my phone died about halfway up the mountain
(I track my movements on my iPhone, export them as a .gpx file to match with photos in Lightroom).

Rough map of my trek up the mountain.

Some quick tips on hiking up north:
  1. Wear boots with ankle support!!!
  2. Stay on the rocks, off the mushy ground, and out of the snow...
  3. Charge your GPS before you go.
  4. Remember to bring your GPS on the trip.
  5. Charge your iPhone that you're using to geo-tag photos before you go.
  6. Have fun, and make the most of wherever you find yourself =)

Although the hike was not an extremely long one, I'm quite content at how I maintained my composure on the mountain. Every time I thought I was nearing the peak, there was only more, and more. Each ridge I overcame revealed only another two in the distance (in the photo above, I was hoping the Inukshuk was marking the mountaintop - the picture below was the uphill view from the same Inukshukg). Finally, when I realized that I was still more than a kilometre from the furthest one I could see, and recalling that I still had to find my way back to Pang, I finished my energy bar and turned around, heading for the famous Christian cross overlooking Pang.

Of course, there was more.

Overall, it was a good trip and I could not have asked for more. Since I left at what was technically dusk, the sunrise while
I was on the mountain was truly spectacular. Check out the photo below of a mountain clipping the sun's rays.

Cut-off sunlight.

Snowy day in Pang.

At the Youth Centre, things have been progressing rapidly! Jerry, a Pang resident about the same age as me, helped me construct
the two computers we will be using to run our "Healthy Arcade" (Oculus Rift + Virtuix Omni setup). Despite the weather being
unpredictable, I've been able to do most of my work indoors.

Community Access Point
Sketchup Drawing.

This is a Google Sketchup model of one layout for the site we are working with
. Because of the new hardware, we have to remodel. I've been trying to get some youth to help me out with this
project as well - a reason I chose to use Sketchup 2014 over other drawing tools. A completed drawing will be up later this summer.

The Youth Centre's our server's power supply unit was finally replaced this week, allowing me to play around with Windows Server (I've only dealt with Linux servers before) and remote connection tools. I've gotten the printer hooked up and configured with the router, so anyone connected to the network through cable or Wi-Fi can find the network printer on their devices. I'm going to look into managing printing, as this location is intended to become a public site (like at a library). We're currently waiting on Windows to be installed onto the new machines, but a USB boot onto Ubuntu showed that everything seems to be working fine.

Malaya's new puppy, Sila.

I've also discovered that TeamViewer allows for local area connections, which has allowed me to edit photos using my iPhone's screen rather than my laptop's slightly cooler temperature display. Although this isn't much, it meant a lot to me - the logical next step is to get the setup working on the late 2009 iMac here! It's been a few good days of geeking out! Altogether, Pang has been quite an exciting adventure so far - every day brings something new. Yesterday, the winds were so strong I almost went a kilometre on my bike without pedalling, and today it was watching a garbage truck eat a couch (hydraulics are neat!). I hope to record a video of my daily commute, as it is quite exciting. The slopes here really require the use of a mountain bike. Also in the plans: shots of foggy Pang, and a time lapse video following the sun on summer solstice!

Here are some more photos from the trip, and the past few days. There are kids playing tag by the harbour in the late evening, a pair of very alien looking rocks, and some other weird ones! Reminder: all photos have some sort of description if you hover your mouse over it.

Kids playing by the harbour.

<a href="/content/images/2014/06/full_moon/DSC_1859.jpg"><img src="/content/images/2014/06/full_moon/DSC_1859.jpg" alt="Huge boulders!"
title="Huge boulders! Notice my tripod and backpack!" style="width: 470px; float: left;"></a>

<a href="/content/images/2014/06/full_moon/DSC_1838.jpg"><img src="/content/images/2014/06/full_moon/DSC_1838.jpg" alt="Rock with a weird cut out..."
title="Rock with a weird cut out..." style="width: 209px; float: right;"></a>                                                 

<a href="/content/images/2014/06/full_moon/DSC_1834.jpg"><img src="/content/images/2014/06/full_moon/DSC_1834.jpg" alt="Alligator shaped rock."
title="This one reminded me of an alligator." style="width: 340px;  float: left; margin-top: 15px;"></a>

<a href="/content/images/2014/06/full_moon/DSC_1844.jpg"><img src="/content/images/2014/06/full_moon/DSC_1844.jpg" alt="Same boulders."
title="Same boulders - looking like something out of a sci-fi film!" style="width: 340px;  float: right; margin-top: 15px;"></a>

<a href="/content/images/2014/06/full_moon/Lobster%20Rock.jpg"><img src="/content/images/2014/06/full_moon/Lobster%20Rock.jpg" alt="Lobster shell-shaped rocks."
title="Lobster shell-shaped rocks." style="width: 900px; margin-top: 15px;"></a>

<a href="/content/images/2014/06/full_moon/DSC_1903.jpg"><img src="/content/images/2014/06/full_moon/DSC_1903.jpg" alt="Sunrise over Mount Duval."
title="Sunrise over Mount Duval." style="width: 900px; margin-top: 5px;"></a>

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