About Me

I like to solve problems, learn and teach about the world, and tackle grand challenges like climate change.

I'm currently focusing on immersing myself academically so I can write a meaningful and impactful thesis.


I love to cycle, run, ski, take photos, and learn. I like to recharge in the middle of the Canadian Rockies (or a nice city park) and enjoy relaxing beside a crackling fire.


I've had most of my formal education in Edmonton, Alberta, and have met many great peers and teachers along the way. I'm now at TU Delft's campus in The Hague. I love to discuss history, philosophy, literature, politics, and wonky physics.


My father and I both appreciate expressing our own humanity through art. Photography offers us a meeting place between creativity and technical mastery of light and electronics. Check out some of my photos here.


Since I was young, I've considered myself a citizen of the world. I am lucky to have grown up in a country of varying landscapes, and have lived in small villages and large cities - but there is much I have yet to learn! I believe that understanding others makes for a better person.

Engage North

In 2014, I worked and learned in the Hamlet of Pangnirtung in Nunavut. I taught youth coding in Scratch and set up the infrastructure for a Virtual Reality Arcade system.

I have many photos from the beautiful Pang and kept a blog to share what I learned there.


I've been involved in University and student governance, led an ultra-efficient hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle team, and done some formal research on nanotechnology and energy. Hands-on learning needs to complement the classroom! Here are some blog posts

My Favourite Spots

Below are my favourite spots worldwide. Some are delicious must-visit restaurants and others are great points of interest.

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