This morning was the closest a full moon has been to Earth (at the Perigee) since January 26, 1948. It was supposed to be 14% larger and 30% brighter than a usual full moon. The next time it will be this close will be November 25, 2034 - only 18 years away instead of almost 69 since the last one!

EarthSky wrote a great piece on what's going on.

Though I haven't measured the apparent size or brightness of the moon, I am highly certain that I have never seen a night as bright as yesterday's.

I had gotten my friends excited for viewing the event only to find it very cloudy last evening.

Cloudy Supermoon

After getting home and finishing some work, I headed to bed. When I flicked my lights on in my room, I noticed what looked like a piece of paper disappear. Confused, I turned the lights off again and realized that the moonlight shining through my window was so bright it actually resembled blank paper!

With my spirits rejuvenated, I rushed outside to snap some shots of the moon. I was amazed by how bright my backyard was and how much detail I could pull from the moon. The cover photo above is a cropped version of the full sized photo below:

Uncropped Supermoon

While I was taking photos, I also heard some coyotes howling! I tried to capture it on my voice recorder but they ended their songs just after I got outside:

Below are also some shots of how bright my backyard looked to my naked eye and also edited:

Naked Eye vs Edited
Orion was out in its full glory until these impatient clouds swept in, desperate for attention.
Backyard 1

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