Jason's Musings

How I run my website

Since some friends have asked about how I host my website, I thought I'd write a short little guide. As I wrote in a previous post, I recently migrated hosting services. Here's a crash course on how websites work: 1. A computer somewhere, a 'server', is linked to the internet...

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Visualizing Browser Activity by Day of Week

About a month ago, I made an impulsive decision to learn Python by writing a script to visualize how I surf the web on each day of the week. This is the result: With just a few lines of code, this script will look for an OS X/macOS user's...

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Connectivity Tricks for Students

Off-campus access to papers (University of Alberta) Sometimes, we need to access academic journals when we are not on University of Alberta campus. Though I thought that a VPN (virtual private network) would simulate me being on campus, we actually need to use special proxies. Save these bookmarks to use...

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